The following charts show my results from a Benchmark 180 Report carried out by OSCM who are in the business of training and developing business coaches. It is based on the combined feedback from a sample of my coachees and this, of course, is from quite a small sample. However the scores can easily be compared with those of many hundreds of other coaches who have had the same questions answered, from a sample of quite similar relationships.

OSCM’s experience and research suggests that when people complete these type of questionnaires they have a strong inclination to score very highly if the relationship has worked well. But as some people never score 100% positively, it is safe to say that any score between 80-100% is probably as good a result that could ever reasonably be achieved. Conversely, with such a small sample, a score below 70% suggests that at least one person may be trying to draw the coach’s attention to this topic.

The report was produced in 2007.


Personal Attributes:


Skills and Knowledge:


The benefits of my coach-mentoring relationship to the organisation were: