A selection of testimonials that Roger has received on feedback forms and emails...

‘Simply great. He took responsibility when needed but held me responsible for the result, challenging me in a straight-forward manner.’

‘I liked the approach of looking at what I’m required to deliver. Not coaching for the sake of coaching. Enjoyable and challenging, Roger was an excellent guy to work with.’

‘It certainly was a thought-provoking session on Self Awareness. It’s amazing to think that one short morning can potentially change your whole life in such a positive way.’

‘I thought Roger was excellent and I valued his insights as well as his  “case scenarios” which made me feel like I wasn’t the only person with challenges. I am much more satisfied with my role. I feel that what I’m delivering is valued.’

‘I still “use” your coaching after 8 years and often tell people how useful it was to me at a difficult time.’

‘If you can work with Roger, “Do It”, and when you get with him, give him full transparency about where you are and what you need. Roger has a great style which helped pull out of me the real issues I needed to tackle.’

‘Roger is extremely insightful, discreet and has an abundance of business acumen from several industries, as well as a very deep understanding of organisational psychology.’

‘The focus of the coaching was to utilise better self-awareness in the day-to-day actions of my working life so that  I could see the impact immediately. I think it will have a significant impact on my performance over the next 12 months and has already been influential in helping me recently gain a new broader role.’

‘Roger’s style was very good at helping me come up with the answers. I was challenged to think. I felt I was in command of producing the outcomes.’

‘Roger tells it as it is.  Of course, sometimes this is a little painful... but that’s what I asked for. If you want someone who just points out your good points and agrees with you, then go for someone else.’

‘Roger is very capable at creating a real and relevant focus on the core issues and is persistent until a sense of ownership of “next steps” is established. The sessions have provided considerable clarity to my sense of direction and given me ownership of the agenda.’

‘I find the progress made by my report this year, and what he has been able to achieve with the business,  a source of immense pride for me. The change is fantastic and , in no small way,  due to your coaching.’

‘I wanted to inform you of my decision to run for the national primary elections in my country.  Today there are two big articles about it in both the main national newspapers. I am happy. Thanks for your help. Really.’

‘Roger is sharp, challenging and committed to his clients. He has the experience and professional knowledge to make the integration between business and behaviour that gives real benefit to his clients.’

‘The peace of mind that has come with the coaching has renewed my interest in my career. The lessons learned will serve me well through the remainder of my career and for the rest of my life. Roger was a great person to deal with. I owe him a lot.’

‘I have achieved more in the last month in driving change, than I did in the whole of last year.’

‘I found Roger very business-focussed as well as sensitive on more difficult personal issues. He was always willing to share personal examples to illustrate his points.’

‘After experiencing a very horrid  coaching experience, I came to my relationship with Roger expecting more of the same. However , he was completely different and everyone has commented on the changes he has helped me make.’

‘An ability to break down complex issues into bite-sized chunks that can be tackled easily and that benefit all in the organisation.’

‘Roger has a challenging but empathetic style which made me realise I had the answers somewhere inside. Powerful stuff ! He has also coached many others in the organisation with different personalities, which I believe demonstrates his ability to flex his style to suit each individual.’

‘I am enjoying the job much more now than I was 9 months ago. I would certainly recommend my coach, by reason of the substantial benefits to the organisation and myself. Roger is highly adept in this process and I would give him my highest recommendation as a coach.’

‘The sessions enabled me to make a number of decisions with confidence and , I believe,  will continue to do so.  I will be able to address future issues with additional insight.’

‘My coaching provoked a session with the team where nothing was off limits. We identified a number of cost efficiencies that I have estimated will save us £750,000 over the next 5 years.’